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The Butte County Honorary Deputy Sheriffs' Association is a specialized auxiliary of the Sheriff's Office. BCHDSA is made up of dedicated civilian volunteers doing what they can to show appreciation and support for local law enforcement. Their sole function is to raise funds for acquisition of capital equipment for which there is no budget. Primarily for the Sheriff's Office, though funding has been provided to other local law enforcement agencies on occasion. As a job, the pay is lousy, but the personal satisfaction is highly rewarding. New members are always welcomed. Drop a note to: BCHDSA, 33 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965-3334 and we'll send full information.
Since its inception, the Association (BCHDSA) has raised and invested well over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.) in local law enforcement. Two of the major purchases made possible by BCHDSA activities are the bomb disposal trailer, specialized x-ray camera, and air-conditioned blast protection suit. No longer is it necessary for the disposal officer to carry suspicious ordnance on the front seat of his car to the detonation area! This equipment is made available by the Sheriff to all law enforcement in the area.
How does BCHDSA raise money? We sponsor an annual concert, which is well supported by the community. In addition, we produce the annual Pin Shoot Championships in October.