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Badge Image Butte Co. Sheriff's Office
Mission Statement
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Dept. Divisions
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Services Division

The Services Division provides support services for the Operations and Incarceration Divisions. It is also responsible for dispatch, court security, civil services, records and warrants, accounting, training, internal affairs, background investigations, data processing, and payroll. The Services Division has 18 sworn and 26 non-sworn employees and is headed by Lieutenant Larry Estes.
Operations Division

The Operations Division is the enforcement branch of the Sheriff's Office. Its mandate is the protection of life and property in the unincorporated areas of Butte County. In accomplishing this mandate, it maintains order, enforces the law, and provides a variety of social services. The Division provides patrol protection, as well as felony investigations and Coroner services to the citizens of the County. The Ops Division is comprised of 70 sworn and 7 non-sworn personnel and is headed by Captain Nick Limbaugh. Further support is provided by the Air Support Division.
Incarceration Division

The Incarceration Division of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for the care, safety, welfare and transportation of persons incarcerated in the County Jail facilities. The Division currently oversees alternatives to incarceration (Sheriff's Works Alternative Program, Electronic Surveillance Program) and the Work/School Furlough Program. The Incarceration Division has a staff of 49 Correctional Officers and Supervisors, 16 Correctional Technicians, 11 Sheriff's Clerks, and 5 Food Service workers. The Division is headed by Captain Dick Waugh. The average population of the jail is 412 and the jail kitchen provides over 46,000 meals per year! On any given day there are over 500 people who are serving their sentence on the Sheriff's Work Alternative Program.