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Data Processing
The Sheriff's Office became automated in 1988 with the introduction the Jail Management System (JMS). In 1991, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) was added. In 1992, the Records Management and Warrants System (RMS) came on line. We are currently working on a new county-wide automated warrants system (WAR), as well as installing a new Jail Management System.
The Sheriff's Information Network (SIN) is a "closed" system, for security. All software, except the new JMS, runs on the Digital Equipment - VMS platform. Added in 1998 was a new ALPHA class server, providing even faster response times, and in 1999 the jail came on-line with a new NT server. All "mission critical" hardware is backed up by redundant systems providing an "up-time" rate of over 99.9%.
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