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In Honor of Fallen Heroes: Synopsis of the Incident

The following is compiled from articles released in the Chico Enterprise-Record.

When Hunter called for backup to assist him in investigating the reported theft of a gun from a tavern owner in remote Inskip, July 26th, a Thursday, night, Estes was off duty in civilian clothes on an administrative errand nearby when he answered the call.

It was the last time anyone in uniform saw either officer alive.

That was Larry - he realized he was the closest man and he went; that pretty much says it all, observed sheriff's Lt. Bill Anderson.

Though Estes was a sheriff's administrator, he would frequently back up patrol officers.

Hunter and Estes entered the cabin to determine if he (Bracklow) was there or to effect an arrest, said Mackenzie

. Hunter entered first, then Estes. Both Estes and Hunter had their weapons drawn prior to entering the cabin. Their was a heightened awareness and Estes had donned his vest and badge, said Mackenzie.

The small size of the cabin forced the officers to walk single file.

Hunter entered the hallway while Estes was still in the front room. Bracklow emerged from the back room and shot Hunter three times in the head.

Hunter fell backwards, said Mackenzie.

Bracklow stepped over the fallen officer, entered the front room and stood toe-to-toe with Estes as the two exchanged a volley of gun fire.

Estes was shot in the upper right torso, both hands and in the groin. One bullet hit the vest, Mackenzie continued. Bullets from Brackwell's gun hit Estes' gun, causing it to jam.

Estes fell by the front door. He managed to fire six rounds.

The wound to Estes' upper torso was the fatal wound. The bullet entered just below the shoulder joint, right above the protective vest.

Bracklow was hit three times. He lived long enough to attempt to bandage his wounds. He collapsed in the hallway, across Hunter. Bracklow fired eight rounds.

The gunfight was over in a matter of seconds. Ramsey confirmed that Bracklow was naked when the deputies encountered him. When asked to speculate why, Ramsey responded: We know the dance, we don't know all the steps.

Investigators believe Bracklow may have just taken a shower before the arrival of the deputies.

Toxicology tests confirmed that Bracklow had been drinking - his blood alcohol level was .06 - but had not taken any mind-altering drugs.

Ramsey confirmed that Bracklow was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and having paranoid tendencies. He added that Bracklow's family has been cooperating with the investigation and that they were very remorseful.

Bracklow moved to the Inskip area for a reason: he was awaiting the apocalypse. The most rational motive investigators have found is that he feared the officers were there to evict him from the cabin.

The cabin was his place of safety and hiding, said Ramsey.

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